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Eating around France

I should warn you, this post does not describe a carefully researched trip targeting a handful of Michelin star-studded bastions of haute cuisine. Much though I’d love to do that! No, we spent two weeks touring some of the wine regions around France, with no planned itinerary, picking low- and mid-range places to eat in …

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Take a trip to Champagne

Jump in the car, drive down to Dover, get on the ferry and go champagne tasting. Don’t blame me if you come home with three cases of great champagnes your friends have never heard of. And they’ll have cost less than the next eighteen bottles of froth you won’t have to buy in the UK, …

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TripAdvisor gives me indigestion

On one level, TripAdvisor is a useful tool that has made the world a smaller and easier place to travel around. “Proper” travellers will grumble that it’s taken all the romance and adventure out of a journey to the far side of the world, but they’re welcome to not use it. I like to stay …

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Wet Monday lunch

On a wet, chilly and rainy Monday morning we found ourselves in a car park in Bath sitting in our steamy vehicle. Our challenge? To return home to Ludlow while taking in a good lunch en route, so I’d have somewhere new to review. And so began a trawl through the Harden’s and Michelin guides …

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A gourmet and his gout

I explained to my new doctor that I have gout, have had it since I was 32, and am taking medication for it. He expressed surprise at my age (late thirties), asked if I ate a lot of fatty foods (no, and at 10 stone I’m hardly hefty), and then suggested I should certainly be …

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