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Review: No 1 Vault at La Becasse

Rumours of the death of fine dining are much exaggerated. In fact, I’d say that in dining rooms up and down the land fine dining is getting busy exploring new ways to stay relevant and special. I’m going to remember cooking my own steak at the Savoy Grill for a long time. And yesterday we …

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Chef’s Table at Savoy Grill

Having never booked a chef’s table before I have nothing to compare with, but I still think the experience at The Savoy Grill is a bit special. See what you think… The room is a cosy little booth for no more than eight, all of whom have a great view out onto the kitchen through …

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Eating around France

I should warn you, this post does not describe a carefully researched trip targeting a handful of Michelin star-studded bastions of haute cuisine. Much though I’d love to do that! No, we spent two weeks touring some of the wine regions around France, with no planned itinerary, picking low- and mid-range places to eat in …

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Review: Tanroagan, Isle of Man

The Isle of Man is one of the most unusual parts of the British Isles. It is as much of a backwater as you can find on these busy islands and that’s a pleasure in many ways. Manx folklore abounds with tales of fairies and monsters, and every damp woodland or ruined chapel has some …

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Review: The Bath Priory

This guest post was written by: Maureen “Sam is suffering from a leg injury, sustained while training for a cycling event”, said our waitress. “We’ve persuaded him to stay home the last couple of days but he insisted on coming in today for your kitchen visit”. So he did. And patiently answered our questions. And …

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