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Review: Chez Bruce, Wandsworth

So then I realised that I hadn’t been back to Chez Bruce since I started the blog, and that was twelve years ago. Which meant we finally got back here, to discover that it is still an effortlessly brilliant place to have a splendid meal in convivial surroundings. I could spend the rest of the …

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Review: Plaza Khao Gaeng, Soho

Plaza Khao Gaeng hit the spot in so many ways. They’ve gone all-out to echo the street food markets of Bangkok, with tables wrapped in brightly coloured plastic tablecloths, little metal boxes with your eating implements in and stacks of bowls and plates in pale blue or pale pink. This would all have been so …

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Review: The Watergate, Deptford

So if you ever find yourself in Deptford for some reason, I think I can probably recommend The Watergate on the strength of a very good brunch. In the evening it’s a cocktail/wine bar with small plates. The place is pared-back industrial-modern, but kinda welcoming for all that. There’s a bit of a Carribean vibe …

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Review: L’Amarante, Paris

I love this kind of find (reader: its not really a find, we saw it on a list of places to try in Paris). Wander away from the busy streets and grand squares near the Bastille, down an unlikely looking side road with an odd nightclub and a couple of shops selling household supplies, and …

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Review: Maison Rostang, Paris

We couldn’t have a trip to Paris without a Michelin-starred meal. Well… or perhaps we could. I’ve become a bit jaded about Michelin star cuisine in France; far too many provincial French restaurants who have been awarded a star for being able to put out a hit-and-miss menu of dishes ten years behind many great …

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