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Review: The Watergate, Deptford

So if you ever find yourself in Deptford for some reason, I think I can probably recommend The Watergate on the strength of a very good brunch. In the evening it’s a cocktail/wine bar with small plates. The place is pared-back industrial-modern, but kinda welcoming for all that. There’s a bit of a Carribean vibe …

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Review: Five Little Pigs, Wallingford

Serendipity. We decided to walk a section of the Thames Path starting in Wallingford, and then up popped a review by Jay Rayner of the Five Little Pigs in Wallingford. So we decided that brunch at the ‘Pigs would be a great start to a six hour walk! Wallingford is an odd town. It looks …

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Review: Proudfoot & Co, Winchester

I was always going to be drawn in by Proudfoot & Co, a “refreshment room” offering distinctly abnormal cafe beverages down a tiny sidestreet in Winchester. And I was not disappointed. I’m not sure there is anything else remotely like it in the country right now. I hope there will be. First off, if you …

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Review: Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable

Ever been to Whitstable? No? You should go, it’s a treat. Lovely old seaside town, very warmly gentrified now with loads of good food and shops. And of course, oysters. You could actually make a brilliant long weekend on the north Kent coast. Faversham is another charming little town, steeped in history with some amazing …

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Review: Baker & Graze, Cheltenham

I’ve left Cheltenham now, and been living in Blackheath for a few months. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be any brilliant local place for lunch here; the best I’ve found is the local branch of Gails and an okay but pricey indie called Hand Made Food. Where is the Green Cafe of Blackheath? Where is …

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