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Review: Chishuru, Brixton (eat at home)

We’ve enjoyed a bunch of upmarket takeaways over the lockdowns this year. Naughty Piglets worked out a superb set of menus that were an absolute doddle to reheat and plate at home, we ordered from them at least three times. And to control our bias, I can report that we had a takeaway meal from …

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Review: Jose, Bermondsey

Jose Pizzaro’s unadorned tapas bar in Bermondsey is just perfect. I mean, it really is trying hard to be a little slice of Spain in London, but that’s okay by me. The decor is right, the drink is right, the food is right. I want you to be in the right frame of mind before …

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Review: Noble Rot, Holborn

This was supposed to be a review of Noble Rot’s new place in Soho. But someone booked the wrong branch. I can’t get huffy. It was our friends who booked, for a long overdue get together, but then COVID went all tier-2 on us and mixed meet-ups were suddenly outlawed. Our friends were lovely as …

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Review: Bocca di Lupo, Soho

The latest in my blog series: “But is it still any good?” where I gradually get around to eating out at all the places that were shiny and new in London while I was living out in the provinces! Bocca di Lupo was pretty exciting when it opened; a trendy dining room down a sleazy …

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Review: Sollip, London Bridge

I eat out a lot. It’s sad but true, I can go to a lovely restaurant and enjoy an eight course £80 tasting menu and some top-notch wine over a whole evening, and a week later I couldn’t tell you more than two of the dishes I had without getting my phone out to look …

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