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Places in London and suburbs

Review: The Frog, Covent Garden

For full disclosure: this was my 50th birthday meal, so I was inclined to be pleased. Yes, yes, I know I only look about 30 but it’s true, I’ve been on the planet for 50 years (and writing this blog for 12 of those)! Anyway, it makes The Frog by Adam Handling a tough review …

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Review: Cinnamon Club, Westminster

The Cinnamon Club certainly feels like the kind of dining room where you may spot a couple of famous faces. Partly it’s the location, in a grand building along one of the film-set roads in Westminster, not far from the heart of government. Partly it’s the restaurant, with its grand dining room and polite, excellent …

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Review: Kricket, Soho

Most of Kricket is counter seating, which is great because it’s fun to watch the tandoor in action and the flames occasionally leaping up around the skillets. But! The stools here are properly upholstered and properly comfy, setting Kricket apart from a whole host of other Soho mostly-counter dining options. Oh, and I want to …

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Review: Rambutan, Borough Market

There is plenty of properly spiky Sri Lankan spice at this new place in Borough Market. Rambutan has an open kitchen counter while most of the seating is big tables with big wooden benches to suit 4 to 8 people. Decor is spartan, adding to the street food vibe, and with a big echoey ceiling …

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Review: The Pig’s Head, Clapham

The Pig’s Head is a great gastropub conversion of a huge old tavern in Clapham Old Town, with a high glass-domed ceiling and plenty of scrubbed wood, dried flowers and jars of preserved and pickled on shelves. They have a strong focus on meat (though their veg dishes are great by my reckoning) and have …

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