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Review: Tonkotsu, Battersea Power Station

So we like a bowl of ramen occasionally, and among the ever-increasing food options around the new Battersea Power Station riverside (ignore the cynics, this is gonna be a really nice place when it’s all done) is Tonkotsu. I go for their signature ramen, Maureen goes for the really hot one, and we order a …

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Review: C & R Cafe, Soho

I probably shouldn’t write this review. C & R Cafe is a tiny walk-in only eatery down a little back-alley on the edge of Chinatown that you’d never know was there. Even so it was busy enough when we stopped in for lunch. If my blog suddenly makes it popular, we’ll never get a table! …

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Review: Endo at the Rotunda

Chef Endo has spoiled all other sushi restaurants for me. When your sushi is made by hand in front of you, and the piece of seafood is firm and perfect, and the rice is still warm and of perfect pearly grains with a hint of very friendly vinegar, and it is handed directly to you …

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Review: Chez Bruce, Wandsworth

So then I realised that I hadn’t been back to Chez Bruce since I started the blog, and that was twelve years ago. Which meant we finally got back here, to discover that it is still an effortlessly brilliant place to have a splendid meal in convivial surroundings. I could spend the rest of the …

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Review: Plaza Khao Gaeng, Soho

Plaza Khao Gaeng hit the spot in so many ways. They’ve gone all-out to echo the street food markets of Bangkok, with tables wrapped in brightly coloured plastic tablecloths, little metal boxes with your eating implements in and stacks of bowls and plates in pale blue or pale pink. This would all have been so …

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