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Review: Trivet, London Bridge

We’ve hit peak small plate. I know that, because our waitress at Trivet took the trouble to explain the menu: “Our menu is a three course concept. We suggest you pick one from the starters, one from the main courses and one from the desserts.” Which is entirely fair. I expect there are probably many …

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Review: Acorn, Bath

I like to think I’d find it easy to go vegan. When I scan a menu it’s the accompaniments that catch my eye before the protein. “Oooo… roast jerusalem artichokes and Madeira sauce! I’ll have some of that! With chicken? Sure, whatev.” More than that, some of my favourite dishes at top restos have been …

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Review: Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable

Ever been to Whitstable? No? You should go, it’s a treat. Lovely old seaside town, very warmly gentrified now with loads of good food and shops. And of course, oysters. You could actually make a brilliant long weekend on the north Kent coast. Faversham is another charming little town, steeped in history with some amazing …

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Review: Zumbura, Clapham

Zumbura is an Indian small plate place in Clapham. Very handy for us, as we’ve just moved to the area. But is it destined to become a local favourite or a place to shun? Chaat is fairly impossible to screw up, a small plate piled with chickpeas, scrunched up crispy bread and plenty of tangy …

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Review: Counter Culture, Clapham

So you finish a long day of house moving activities, lugging boxes and driving back and forth across London, and it’s almost 9 in the evening and you realise it’s a long time since lunch. And you don’t have a kitchen yet and besides, it’s almost 9 o’clock. So you wander out into Clapham (your …

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