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Review: The Barbary, Covent Garden

Towards the end of our lunch at The Barbary I was trying to work out whether the likely £90 bill was going to be worth it. We’d had some lovely food (more on that later) and a nice drop of plonk but the price was heading towards fine dining. Then on the bill I noticed …

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Review: Lorne, Victoria

Have I reached the end? Should I stop blogging when I can’t think of any witty, amusing, interesting or tangential theme with which to start a review? Or do I have a duty, nay a calling, to provide the internet-reading public with short, punchy, considered reviews of some of the most delicious places to eat …

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Review: Kiln, Soho

Kiln is a narrow little joint, mostly bar. Places like this come and go in Soho all the time – queues out the door on year one, vanished three years later. I’ve no idea what the recipe for longevity is, but I like Kiln so I hope they find it. Inspired loosely by northern Thailand …

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Review: Padella, London Bridge

Padella is hot right now. So hot that when we arrived at 6pm last week looking for a table, the next available was 9:30pm! Determined souls that we are, this time we (or rather Maureen!) got there by 5 and so managed to secure a table for 6:45. Was it worth it? Well, yeah. This …

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Review: Smoke and Liquor, Rochester

I love Rochester, it’s loaded with character and history, I just wish it attracted more hipsters. Purely for their tendency to cause delicious food and drink venues to appear, you understand. Although I can report that Rochester has at least one decent place for a bite. I can’t help but think they might have named …

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