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Review: Lahpet, Covent Garden

I can’t remember the last time I got to try a completely new cuisine. Oh, I must be getting old and jaded! But luckily I’ve found Lahpet and had my first introduction to Burmese food. This is something I want to tell any foreign tourist visiting London for a holiday: the whole point of London …

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Review: Five Little Pigs, Wallingford

Serendipity. We decided to walk a section of the Thames Path starting in Wallingford, and then up popped a review by Jay Rayner of the Five Little Pigs in Wallingford. So we decided that brunch at the ‘Pigs would be a great start to a six hour walk! Wallingford is an odd town. It looks …

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Review: Mirazur, Menton, Cote d’Azur

The important question to answer: is a meal at Mirazur worth 380 euros per head? That’s just the menu, no drinks. Although this being France, the wine list had options all the way down to 60 euros! Anyway, the answer is “no” by any objective measure. I’ve enjoyed two or three tasting menus every bit …

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Review: The Loch & The Tyne, Old Windsor

The signature dish at The Loch & The Tyne, Adam Handling’s big rambling dining pub in Old Windsor, is a starter called ‘Mother’. It’s a splendidly savoury dish of thin slices of baked celeriac formed into a package around a creamy-gooey interior that includes the warm earthy flavour of truffle, the odd zing of apple …

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Review: Evelyn’s Table, Soho

We snuck into Evelyn’s Table just a month before they won their first Michelin star, so it’s quite possible that the price of the menu has already gone up a tad! But it was a great menu, and a bargain when we ate, so I’m willing to bet it’s still well worth the price of …

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