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Review: Manteca, Shoreditch

We dropped into Manteca for a pre-theatre bite and it turned out pretty perfect; good food and brisk service, we told them we only had just under an hour and they looked after us. Manteca is another modern no-fuss Britalian restaurant along the lines of Padella or Bancone. Yes, I’m coining a new word! This …

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Review: Aulis, Soho

It’s great when you come away from a meal inspired. In this case I’m both inspired and armed because chef Charlie Tayler has taught me how to make herb flavoured oils! Take equal parts of herb and oil, then whiz them in a blender. Whiz them long enough that the blender heats up, gets really …

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Review: Sager + Wild, Bethnal Green

I love how London is strung together, an endless brightly lit web of streets full of places to shop and eat, and how you can walk in a few yards from one socio-economic area to another. You can be strolling past name-brand boutiques and identikit chain shops along the edge of Spitalfields Market… then drift …

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Review: The Mash Inn, Radnage

I had no idea the Chilterns were such proper countryside; only a stone’s throw from London but with proper twisting lanes, bosky woods, hilltop views and bucolic villages. In one of them, Bennett End, is the old red brick Mash Inn, a restaurant with rooms. We stayed overnight in a garden room with dinner and …

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Review: Humble Chicken, Soho

Chicken is really having its day, with fried chicken becoming the hip casual eating option across the realm. I can even see KFC trying to elbow in on the act and fair play to them, they’ve been doing it a lot longer! It can also only be a good thing that chicken is taking over …

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