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The Chilli Pickle at Christmas

Photos from The Chilli Pickle in Brighton, because there weren’t enough good ones to go with my review of the place. The goose momos were absolute perfection, packed with seasonally spiced goose and served with a stunning redcurrant sauce. Truly ‘Indian Christmas’. The curried venison was also superb, but what really sent this dish into …

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Review: 24 St George’s, Brighton

I managed to live in the south-east of England for many years before discovering that Brighton pays host to the second largest arts festival in the UK, after Edinburgh. It rumbles on for about three weeks in June with music, dance, theatre, comedy, book talks, galleries, outside performance and all manner of other chicanery. There’s …

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Review: Brace of Pheasants, Dorset

For those of you who like a nice day out, I would like to propose Dorset. But dismiss images of Bournemouth, Sandbanks, Lulworth Cove and Kimmeridge Bay from your mind; there is a lot of pleasure and beauty to be found inland in the county. Shoot along the A303 past Salisbury and the tourist-riddled building …

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Review: Fishmore Hall, Ludlow

I think I may have mentioned that we live in Ludlow at the moment. Before our year of travelling around the world we were in London, now we’re in the woolly Welsh marches. Do I need to tell you about Ludlow? I expect everyone likely to be reading a food blog already knows it as …

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Review: The Bell Inn, Yarpole

This weekend was clearly doomed. Doooooomed! Which is another way of saying that we were too late trying to book the restaurant(s) we wanted and so ended up eating somewhere dull on Saturday night. And then we didn’t even manage to rectify things with a good Sunday lunch, making for pretty much a culinary failure …

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