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Review: Bocca di Lupo, Soho

The latest in my blog series: “But is it still any good?” where I gradually get around to eating out at all the places that were shiny and new in London while I was living out in the provinces! Bocca di Lupo was pretty exciting when it opened; a trendy dining room down a sleazy …

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Review: Sollip, London Bridge

I eat out a lot. It’s sad but true, I can go to a lovely restaurant and enjoy an eight course £80 tasting menu and some top-notch wine over a whole evening, and a week later I couldn’t tell you more than two of the dishes I had without getting my phone out to look …

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Review: Gymkhana, St James

I’ve done it. I’ve reached “jaded” point with British modern Indian cooking. I came out of Gymkhana thinking a few different things: (1) that was pretty good, (2) I am utterly stuffed… am I actually waddling? and (3) does aloo chat really belong on a £85 tasting menu? Not only aloo chat. We also had …

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Review: Sushi Atelier, Fitzrovia

I have a new favourite sushi place, and it is Sushi Atelier on Great Portland Street. Okay, it’s a bit more expensive than your typical London sushi place. But on the plus side, it felt a lot closer in quality and detail to eating sushi in Japan (which I’ve been lucky enough to do a …

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Review: Kaneda-Ya, Holborn

London is such a sponge for soaking up the best in the world. And if it’s a rainy night in winter, and you need a quick and deeply satisfying meal in a short time, you can’t do much better than a bowl of Japanese ramen with some exceptional broth. So it’s lucky that the West …

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