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Review: The Karczma, Birmingham

I should be making witty remarks about the completely unironic kitsch of The Karczma, a 200% Polish restaurant in a dubious corner of Birmingham city centre. But all I want to do is MOAN ABOUT THE STUPID CRAPPY WEATHER WE’VE BEEN HAVING FOR THE PAST, LIKE, NINE MONTHS OR SOMETHING. We have never been so …

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Review: Zheng, Oxford

My favourite cuisine of all from our year-long trip around the world was probably Malay, which we tucked into on Penang island and in Singapore. This was before I started the food blog, so you’ll have to check out my travel blog for details! Suffice to say, it’s an amazing riddle of spices and of …

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Review: The Ox, Cheltenham

Cheltenham has been pretty resilient to hipsterisation (that is a word) as far as I can tell, but all that has changed and we now have a hipster epicenter: Cambray Place. Here you can find the Wild Beer Company, where they make all kinds of odd brews out of bay leaves and forest mulch (very …

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Review: 64 Degrees, Brighton

Best dish: gurnard

Every year there’s a weekend in November where it suddenly turns Proper Cold, and you don’t see it coming, and you find yourself out for the day without the warm jumper and the gloves and the nice big winter coat. And you freeze your bits off, and dive into more cafes and shops than you …

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Review: The White Spoon, Cheltenham

There’s a bunch of good places to eat in Cheltenham. Our nearest, a pub called The Tivoli, ain’t one. Of course we tried it as soon as we moved here; two dull starters, Maureen had a stringy bit of lamb she could have chewed all week, and I had some argumentative fish that disagreed with …

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