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Review: Acorn, Bath

I like to think I’d find it easy to go vegan. When I scan a menu it’s the accompaniments that catch my eye before the protein. “Oooo… roast jerusalem artichokes and Madeira sauce! I’ll have some of that! With chicken? Sure, whatev.” More than that, some of my favourite dishes at top restos have been …

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Review: Whitstable Oyster Company, Whitstable

Ever been to Whitstable? No? You should go, it’s a treat. Lovely old seaside town, very warmly gentrified now with loads of good food and shops. And of course, oysters. You could actually make a brilliant long weekend on the north Kent coast. Faversham is another charming little town, steeped in history with some amazing …

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Review: Baker & Graze, Cheltenham

I’ve left Cheltenham now, and been living in Blackheath for a few months. Sadly there doesn’t appear to be any brilliant local place for lunch here; the best I’ve found is the local branch of Gails and an okay but pricey indie called Hand Made Food. Where is the Green Cafe of Blackheath? Where is …

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Review: Fitzroy, Fowey

Let me tell you about Fowey. It’s a town in Cornwall set on an estuary of inky-blue waters, with the picturesque little village of Polruan on the other side and a breezy scattering of little boats anchored in the channel. Nestled in amongst green and wooded hills, its streets are narrow and winding, and its …

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Review: The Tolcarne Inn, Newlyn

They have it pretty good for seafood in Cornwall. Especially if they’re a seafood restaurant in Newlyn, perhaps the most important fishing harbour in the whole of SW England. We wandered into a fishmonger to buy some fish for supper last night and everything was a third of the price it would be back up …

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