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Outside of London

Review: Shore, Penzance

Let me tell you about Penzance and St Ives, the two towns on the edge of the Land’s End peninsula (or Penwith, as it’s more properly called). One of these towns has winding cobbled lanes absolutely stacked with lovely shops, galleries and cafes, many of which wouldn’t look out of place in Bath or Brighton. …

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Review: Stark, Broadstairs

Very strange experience. When we got home from a lovely weekend around Broadstairs and Ramsgate (including a brilliant meal at Stark in Broadstairs – more on that in a mo) we decided to just flop out on the sofa and watch a film. So we picked “Juliet, Naked”, a gently funny Nick Hornby adaptation from …

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Review: Smoke and Liquor, Rochester

I love Rochester, it’s loaded with character and history, I just wish it attracted more hipsters. Purely for their tendency to cause delicious food and drink venues to appear, you understand. Although I can report that Rochester has at least one decent place for a bite. I can’t help but think they might have named …

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Review: The Gunton Arms, Norfolk

Some places are destined to stick in the memory. Not because they cooked the most perfect food that ever passed my lips. Just because they’re doing something really cool and there’s nowhere else quite like it. Such is The Gunton Arms, in the middle of nowhere, Norfolk. In the main room of the Gunton Arms …

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Review: Sticky Walnut, Chester

Should I spend the intro waffling about Gary Usher, the owner of the Sticky Walnut who has crowd-funded four more well-loved bistros around the north-west of England on a wave of social media street cred and chutzpah? Nah, I’d rather talk about Chester. You need to come and chill for a weekend in this city. …

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