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Review: Fish Kitchen, Port Isaac

Nathan Outlaw’s second outpost in Cornwall is the nifty little Fish Kitchen in nifty little Port Isaac. This dinky little fishing port crouches at the bottom of seriously big cliffs and is vested with far more restaurants than the local population could ever need. Actually, I’m not sure how much of a local population there …

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Review: Restaurant Nathan Outlaw, Cornwall

Sometimes I like to fool myself that I’m a local when I visit Cornwall. After all, I must have visited a dozen times. I know all the obscure villages; Praze an Beble, Indian Queens, Perranzebuloe, Mabe Burnthouse. I know how to pronounce Fowey and Mousehole (Fo’y and Mowz’l). And I never, ever, ever have brown …

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Review: 5 North Street, Winchcombe

It was very good of the owner of 5 North Street to phone me up a few hours before our booking to explain that they had no other bookings that evening. Not “…so we’re not going to open, sorry” as I’ve heard of happening elsewhere but “…so you’ll be alone in the restaurant, if you …

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Review: The Daffodil, Cheltenham

I was getting a distinct sense of deja vu. I was reading the menu at The Daffodil and a dish jumped out at me from the starters: steak tartare with corned beef. Hang on, didn’t Maureen have steak tartare with corned beef at Le Champignon Sauvage last weekend? My gaze wandered into the main courses …

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Review: Le Champignon Sauvage, Cheltenham

In my most exhuberant burst of foody behaviour yet, I’ve moved house and am now only ten minutes’ walk away from my nearest two-star Michelin restaurant! Because it’s important to have a good neighbourhood eatery for those Friday nights when you really can’t be bothered to cook, right? The restaurant in question is Le Champignon …

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