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Review: Wild Flor, Brighton

So. Flor is a thin film of yeast that appears on the surface of wine during winemaking, especially important in the making of sherry. And apparently in Brighton (Hove, actually) it has gone wild and opened a restaurant. The following morning I left our seafront hotel early (the bloody car park needed feeding money after …

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Review: Etch, Brighton

Etch is not in Brighton, it’s in the neighbouring town of Hove Actually. This is an old joke. Apparently if you made the mistake of asking a resident of Hove “Are you from Brighton?” then the reply would always come back “Hove, actually” and so the town adopted that name. The impression being that Hove …

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Review: Moshimo, Brighton

It’s so long since I last visited Moshimo that I haven’t even blogged it! So it must be at least six years. In fact this Brighton sushi restaurant has been here in the very centre of the Brighton Laines (and yet neatly hidden in a small empty square that most visitors walk past unnoticed) for …

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Review: Pascere, Brighton

There’s something about Christmas that brings out the worst in dining out. The phrase “Christmas menu” usually has me turning a swift 180 on my heel and heading elsewhere. And oh my, the work Christmas party! This year’s was a classic. Floppity “roast” veg. Slices of turkey so thin and processed that I swear – …

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Review: 64 Degrees, Brighton

Best dish: gurnard

Every year there’s a weekend in November where it suddenly turns Proper Cold, and you don’t see it coming, and you find yourself out for the day without the warm jumper and the gloves and the nice big winter coat. And you freeze your bits off, and dive into more cafes and shops than you …

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