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Review: Kiln, Soho

Kiln is a narrow little joint, mostly bar. Places like this come and go in Soho all the time – queues out the door on year one, vanished three years later. I’ve no idea what the recipe for longevity is, but I like Kiln so I hope they find it. Inspired loosely by northern Thailand …

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Khao Soi, Northern Thai Curry

If you haven’t been to Thailand, you really should. I recommend spending two weeks exploring north from Bangkok, inland, and then relaxing for two days on a beach at the end before going home. We have such brilliant memories of our eight weeks there, and no more so than a week in the city of …

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Som Tam, Thai papaya salad

One of my favourite culinary memories of our year-long trip around the world was the salad in Thailand. It’s called Som Tam and typically combines raw shredded green papaya with all the best south-east Asian flavours: garlic, chilli, lime, peanut, fish sauce, palm sugar to make a bowl of pure zing that punches with sweet, …

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