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Review: Kolae, Borough Market

I wonder if there are two different threads of “modern Thai” in London? My favourite spot, Plaza Khao Gaeng, is full of bright, bold flavours and feels as unashamedly colourful as a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. Another favourite, Kiln, focuses on fierce often spiky flavours mixing earth and fire… more like a trip to the …

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Review: Cher Thai, Clapham


Cher Thai is a small but busy little Thai restaurant around the corner from us that opened up just before lockdown began. We went early on, had an utterly bland green curry with wretched chunks of red and green pepper in (why? why?!?), and wrote it off. But three years later it’s still thriving and …

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Review: Speedboat Bar, Soho

To be honest, this Speedboat Bar review could be a copy-and-paste of Plaza Khao Gaeng, which is by the same folks. And that’s no bad thing, I’d love a branch of their kind of punchy, authentic, in-your-face Thai cooking down the road from me! I’d love one in every town I visit. Of course, I …

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Review: Kiln, Soho

Kiln is a narrow little joint, mostly bar. Places like this come and go in Soho all the time – queues out the door on year one, vanished three years later. I’ve no idea what the recipe for longevity is, but I like Kiln so I hope they find it. Inspired loosely by northern Thailand …

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Khao Soi, Northern Thai Curry

If you haven’t been to Thailand, you really should. I recommend spending two weeks exploring north from Bangkok, inland, and then relaxing for two days on a beach at the end before going home. We have such brilliant memories of our eight weeks there, and no more so than a week in the city of …

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