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Review: Bibi, Mayfair

Bibi is very Mayfair. Fully on trend, there is mostly counter seating, but here the stools are plumply upholstered affairs with comfortable backs. Lighting is dark and clubby. A carafe of water is offered, then appears as £3.5 per person on the bill. And the included service charge is 15% of course. We did enjoy …

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Review: Jeux Jeux, Waterloo

I’m always on the hunt for useful places to eat on the South Bank, so long a wasteland of chain restaurants and nothingness. So after a visit to Jeux Jeux I’m happy to report that you can enjoy a perfectly tasty Hiroshima-style okonomyaki here now. If you’re not already a fan, okonomyaki is a kinda …

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Review: Sune, Hackney

Okay, so we should have said something. Then again, recognising when your dining room is too cold and fixing it ought to be part of the service. The lady at the table next to us kept her scarf on through her meal and everyone else kept their jumpers and cardigans on. A fella two tables …

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Review: Flesh & Buns, Covent Garden

Flesh & Buns has a proper Japanese izakaya vibe, hidden down a staircase below Sevendials Market, with dark wooden decor and plenty of buzz (it’s quite a big place once you get down there). The menu also reads as a pleasing romp through the more sticky and crowd-pleasing side of Japanese cuisine. We started with …

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Review: Kolae, Borough Market

I wonder if there are two different threads of “modern Thai” in London? My favourite spot, Plaza Khao Gaeng, is full of bright, bold flavours and feels as unashamedly colourful as a Buddhist temple in Bangkok. Another favourite, Kiln, focuses on fierce often spiky flavours mixing earth and fire… more like a trip to the …

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