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Sweet or savoury things to have around and nibble on

Scotch quail eggs

Guest post by my good friend Vanessa Johnson These scotch eggs are perfect, and I guarantee that everyone at your party will give them a very impressed “oooOOOooo!” Without further ado, over to Vanessa… I love scotch eggs, always have, they’re great for parties and picnics…. however, most of the ones you end up buying …

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Smoked bacon fudge

I am always most delighted by a restaurant that breaks new ground, taking food in a direction I have never encountered before. That’s probably because I have a well developed sense of adventure, and whereas an element of natural timidity steps in to prevent me going skydiving over the Sahara, when it comes to stuffing …

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Mulled chocolate and orange marshmallows

I like joining in on round-ups, it means I have to invent something new now and again. Especially for We Should Cocoa, the chocolate round-up because I don’t normally cook or make anything with chocolate. My interaction with chocolate is typically: (1) buy chocolate, (2) put it down somewhere visible and pass it several times …

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Guacamole recipe kicks ass

I like my guacamole more than any other guacamole I’ve ever tasted. That’s a proud boast, and so you’ll just have to try this recipe if you think you know a better one and want to burst my over-inflated ego. So, first things first. Don’t you dare bring any mayonnaise near this lovely avocado! It’s …

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Scones, cream, jam

Or as we like to call it, The Cream Tea. It’s been one of my favourite things about any day out ever since I was knee-high to a garden gnome. We were on holiday in Cornwall and took a boat trip up the Fal estuary which stopped at a place called Smugglers Cottage for the …

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