Guacamole recipe kicks ass

I like my guacamole more than any other guacamole I’ve ever tasted. That’s a proud boast, and so you’ll just have to try this recipe if you think you know a better one and want to burst my over-inflated ego.

So, first things first. Don’t you dare bring any mayonnaise near this lovely avocado! It’s a beautiful creamy fruit containing its own oil, so why would it need any of that oily gloop? And secondly, no food processor. Nope. You mash this fella by hand, show it some love. More importantly I think guacamole is much better with a bit of chunky texture to it, not just a smooth puddle. Otherwise, feel free to play around with the ingredients if this recipe doesn’t meet your taste…

Makes a bowl of dip, or accompaniment for 4 bowls of chilli
2 small/medium avocados
1 small clove garlic, crushed
½ tsp coriander + cumin (dry-fry seeds and then grind them)
½ lemon, the juice thereof
pinch of salt, pinch of pepper
tiny splash of tabasco
tbsp finely chopped fresh coriander

  1. Mash all the ingredients together in a bowl
  2. Add a little more lemon juice if needed
  3. Try not to eat it all when you’re checking the seasoning ; )

Not really a difficult recipe. The one thing I can’t help you with is finding a ripe avocado in England. Markets are probably best. Supermarkets have an atrocious habit of buying rock hard avocados which sit on your sideboard completely unripe for a week and then progress directly to rotten. Expensive though it is, if I have to I’ll go for the supermarket’s ‘perfectly ripe’ packaged avocados; they’re usually the only hope.

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