Review: Mollie’s Diner, Oxford (ish)



Mollie’s Diner, Oxford” is actually beside the A242 about 20 minutes drive from Oxford. Just in case you thought it was a useful hotel for visiting Oxford! It’s a roadside diner and motel (hotel, really) and we found it very handy for two days of walking along the Thames Path nearby.

As a hotel I think it’s great: pitched one solid step above the main chain hotels in terms of quality, both the facilities and design in the room as well as the common areas and outside space. Lovely courtyard garden. Friendly and helpful staff who gave the vibe of enjoying being part of a team. I’d stay here again, if I ever had another reason to stay half-way between Oxford and Swindon.



The diner is pretty good too. The menu is full of the things you’d expect and priced pretty keenly, to my eye. The food is pretty good. Maureen had a flatiron chicken, which was very nicely charred, had a good spicy marinade and came with decent coleslaw. My chicken and waffle included some good chunky of panko-breaded buttermilk fried chicken, although the waffles were very simply plain and fluffy and the thinly sliced bacon was pretty average. A side of sweetcorn fritters with chilli aioli and a chunk of lime was well done.

So, a useful place for a bite to eat – US diner style – between Oxford and Swindon, if life takes you that way. And it’s good value for the quality.

Chicken and waffle

Chicken and waffle

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