Review: Tonkotsu, Battersea Power Station



So we like a bowl of ramen occasionally, and among the ever-increasing food options around the new Battersea Power Station riverside (ignore the cynics, this is gonna be a really nice place when it’s all done) is Tonkotsu.

I go for their signature ramen, Maureen goes for the really hot one, and we order a side of sticky roast cauliflower. The cauli is good, sweet and umami, nicely roasted under the sticky sauce. They describe the ramen broth as “enriched with lardo and sea salt” and they are not messing around. It is the most seriously piggy ramen broth I’ve ever had. That’s a nice experience, for a while, but as it starts to coat your tongue, your lips, your whole mouth…

Well, with a big bowl of ramen I sometimes find myself thinking “I’m feeling stuffed, I’ll leave the rest of the noodles and just slurp some broth” but here it was definitely “I’m feeling stuffed, I’d better leave the broth and just eat some noodles!”

So if you want your broth to feel like pig soup, I’d say Tonkotsu is the place. For myself I prefer a lighter broth and will continue to pick Kaneda-Ya for my ramen fix.

House ramen

House ramen

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