Review: Tsunami, Clapham

Sturdy tempura

Sturdy tempura

Quick one this. Tsunami is a Japanese restaurant in Clapham. It’s fairly good value, but not if you really love great Japanese food. It’s also a big barn of a place and with the background music roaring and everyone raising their volume to compensate, it ain’t very bloody zen at all.

Gyoza were okay, nice veggies inside, thin case and pan-fried on one side.

Tempura was okay, though the batter was a bit on the thick side and not as dry as you’d like.

Sushi was okay too. I always order mackerel in the wan hope of finding it prepared as lovingly as they do in Japan, or at Shore in Cornwall. I’m usually disappointed. Even more than usual at Tsunami, where the mackerel is so cured that it has a fully cooked texture and tasted of vinegar. Yuck. The unagi sushi was okay. So was the dragon roll.

Well, so, most things were okay. And it was about £20 each for food which makes it hard to complain. If you want to quickly chow down some fairly decent Japanese scoff without burning the credit card, Tsunami will do. Just don’t come out here for any special reason.

Sushi mix

Sushi mix

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