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Review: Sollip, London Bridge

I eat out a lot. It’s sad but true, I can go to a lovely restaurant and enjoy an eight course £80 tasting menu and some top-notch wine over a whole evening, and a week later I couldn’t tell you more than two of the dishes I had without getting my phone out to look …

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Review: Bao, Soho

I’ve had more than a couple of messy bao bun experiences in the past, struggling to keep the filling wodged in while taking bites… oops, there goes the fennel slaw. So it was a bit of a joy to devour the bao at BAO Soho. Their buns are so soft, sweet and fluffy that they …

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Review: Ko Gu Ryo, Staines

I have to confess, this is my first time eating Korean Food. But at least I’m confident that it is about as authentic as I’ll find outside of a visit to Korea. The only other customers at Ko Gu Ryo in Staines were Korean, and while we considered our menus a steady stream of twenty …

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