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Review: The Karczma, Birmingham

I should be making witty remarks about the completely unironic kitsch of The Karczma, a 200% Polish restaurant in a dubious corner of Birmingham city centre. But all I want to do is MOAN ABOUT THE STUPID CRAPPY WEATHER WE’VE BEEN HAVING FOR THE PAST, LIKE, NINE MONTHS OR SOMETHING. We have never been so …

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Review: Gessler at Daquise, Kensington

Gessler at Daquise is an old-school Polish restaurant just by South Kensington tube. In every detail the experience has been conceived to get you reminiscing fondly about your years in Eastern Europe, even if you’ve never been on so much as a weekend break to Prague. It’s a Marmite restaurant; you’ll love it or loathe …

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