Herb flavoured oils

These are really easy to do, so thanks to chef at Aulis for explaining how!

Take a great big bunch of your herb, chop it roughly and throw it in a blender. Add plain olive oil, or you could try rapeseed oil, maybe 200ml for a big bunch. Oh: if your herbs need washing first, make sure they are all dried out.

Now you blend the herbs in the oil. Keep the blender on for several minutes, basically until it has actually started getting really warm to the touch. The heat is going to activate the herbs in the oil so keep it going like that for a minute or so.

Then strain your herb oil through muslin into a jar or bottle or something. If you keep it in the fridge it’ll keep for weeks and weeks (though you might need to remember to get it out 15 mins before using it, as it can go solid in the fridge).

Basil oil… dill oil… wild garlic oil… endless ideas! Just drizzle the oil on your food sparingly as they are super-strong.

Oh, one more idea. Mix one of these oils with two parts extra virgin olive oil, and it’s great for dipping bread into!

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