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Review: Artis, Blackheath

You’ll not have heard of Artis unless, like me, you live in Blackheath. It’s a new bar/restaurant that’s opened in the building that was previously an outlying branch of Locale, tucked away in a side road. They don’t seem to have done any PR and their social media is refreshingly amateur. The Sunday lunch photo …

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Review: The Hare & Billet, Blackheath

Chicken is almost always at the bottom of my menu choices. It’s just… chicken. I sometimes get the feeling chefs put it on the menu with a big implicit label: “For Nervous Diners! The Safe Option!” because it tends to get put on a plate with some fairly boring accompaniments too. Then of course sometimes …

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Review: Copper and Ink, Blackheath

There’s a helluva lot of care and attention that goes into fine dining – even informal fine dining – that you only notice when it’s absent. When our dessert showed up at Copper and Ink, with two cubes of chiffon cake, there was plenty of jealous comparing going on; lucky me, my cubes were nearly …

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