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Review: Padella, London Bridge

Padella is hot right now. So hot that when we arrived at 6pm last week looking for a table, the next available was 9:30pm! Determined souls that we are, this time we (or rather Maureen!) got there by 5 and so managed to secure a table for 6:45. Was it worth it? Well, yeah. This …

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Review: Smoke and Liquor, Rochester

I love Rochester, it’s loaded with character and history, I just wish it attracted more hipsters. Purely for their tendency to cause delicious food and drink venues to appear, you understand. Although I can report that Rochester has at least one decent place for a bite. I can’t help but think they might have named …

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Review: Brigadiers, City of London

I like a place where they’ve put some effort into the decor and taken their own road, rather than following along with the latest identikit hipster trends. On the other hand, I’m not sure whether it’s very PC to enjoy the gloriously British-colonial club atmosphere at Brigadiers. Well, at least “the Brigadier” who gazes down …

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Review: The Gunton Arms, Norfolk

Some places are destined to stick in the memory. Not because they cooked the most perfect food that ever passed my lips. Just because they’re doing something really cool and there’s nowhere else quite like it. Such is The Gunton Arms, in the middle of nowhere, Norfolk. In the main room of the Gunton Arms …

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Review: Twist, Marylebone

Quick one. We stopped for lunch at a little place called Twist on the edge of Marylebone. It has somehow become popular with oriental tourists, or at least seems to have on the basis of three other tables being served. It’s small plates, basically mixed Mediterranean with some Peruvian and Japanese influences thrown in for …

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